Quality insurance neatly packaged for adult and youth teams

Appointed by The FA to deliver the National Game Insurance Scheme (NGIS), we’ve worked alongside both The FA and County FAs (CFAs) to create a range of products suited to the grassroots game.

Whether you have an adult, walking football or youth team we have a solution made for you and, for added peace of mind, the NGIS products have been approved by The FA.

The NGIS currently provides two core products:

  • Legal liability for clubs, regardless of the number of teams you have. Available via affiliation to your County FA.  
  • Personal accident for teams. This can be purchased direct from Bluefin Sport. Please note that some CFAs arrange a group policy so this website can be used to 'top up' the cover if desired.

Check the minimum insurance required by your County Football Association

Before purchasing insurance we would advise you to be familiar with the minimum level of cover required in the County FA that you are affiliated to.

  • Personal accident insurance. Some County FAs stipulate a minimum level of cover for adult and youth teams and in some cases may have organised a group policy. If you purchase cover online via this website it will automatically default to the required level of insurance or highlight if a group policy is in place.

  • Legal liability insurance. Cover is arranged directly via your affiliation to a County FA.
You can find out if your County FA supports the NGIS and what their minimum insurance requirements are HERE.

Legal liability insurance

A specialist liability package that has been designed which aims to provide protection to clubs/teams if any of their members are held at fault for bodily injury to third parties or for damage to third party property.

Personal accident insurance

This insurance can pay out a set amount if someone is injured in an accident and the pay out can be a lump sum or a weekly amount (depending on the level of cover you choose). It ensures all participants have protection in the event of an injury and because this is a 'non negligence' cover it can help reduce litigation in the game, because unlike a liability policy you do not have to find someone at fault for an injury to receive compensation

Check your County FA insurance requirements

Find out if your County FA supports the NGIS and if they specify a minimum level of insurance.

COVID-19 and insurance

In response to the impact of the outbreak being felt by football clubs all over the UK, you can review important news and information to update you and provide support through this challenging time.