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You can still choose to join the NGIS even if your County FA decided not to...

If your County FA are not listed as a supporter of the National Game Insurance Scheme you are still eligible to purchase the NGIS Personal Accident products.  However, please check with your County FA or league to see if they have any minimum insurance requirements in place to ensure you purchase the adequate level of cover.

Legal liability cover is often arranged as part of the County FA affiliation as a group policy, so if your County FA does not support the NGIS then this element of cover will not be available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which County FAs support the NGIS?
  • Berks and Bucks FA
  • Cambridgeshire FA
  • Cheshire FA
  • Cornwall FA
  • Cumberland FA
  • Derbyshire FA
  • East Riding FA
  • English Schools FA
  • Gloucestershire FA
  • Guernsey FAHampshire FA
  • Herefordshire FA
  • Hertfordshire FA
  • Huntingdonshire FA
  • Isle of Man FA
  • Jersey FA
  • Lancashire FA
  • Leicester and Rutland FA
  • Lincolnshire FA
  • Liverpool FA
  • Manchester FA
  • Northumberland FA
  • Nottinghamshire FA
  • Oxfordshire FA
  • Sheffield and Hallamshire FA
  • Somerset FA
  • Sussex FA
  • Westmorland FA
  • Wiltshire FA
  • Worcestershire FA
Which County FAs DO NOT support the NGIS?
  • Amateur FA
  • Army FA
  • Bedfordshire FA
  • Birmingham FA
  • Derbyshire FA
  • Devon FA
  • Dorset FA
  • Durham FA
  • Essex FA
  • Kent FA
  • London FA
  • Middlesex FA
  • Norfolk FA
  • North Riding FA
  • Northants FA
  • RAF
  • Royal Navy FA
  • Shropshire FA
  • Staffordshire FA
  • Suffolkk FA
  • Surrey FA
  • West Riding FA
If my County do not support the NGIS can I still purchase NGIS products?

If your County FA chose not to support the NGIS you may still be eligible to purchase the NGIS personal accident insurance. However, we would advise you to check with your County FA to ensure that you are meeting their minimum insurance requirements.

The NGIS Legal liability cover is not available to purchase unless your County FA supports the NGIS.